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we are FYBER

We dream, create, invent, craft, &
    innovate 3-Dimensional worlds.
dance|artist collective

Fyber in Motion

Morgan Lindsey Price

Set Designer

Elke Calvert

Artistic Director & Choreographer

Kristin Neu

Lighting Designer

Mark Caspary

Sound Designer


Who We Are


Fyber is a newly designed business model for a dance company and is directed by a production team in collaboration with our dancers. What is different about Fyber is that it is a hub or what we like to call "cloud", that can transform, take on or craft any person, place or thing. As a creative team we construct 3-D works that entertain, transcend, educate and inspire our audiences. Our work is internally inspired by the artistic team and influenced by any project or element that we create.

What We Do


We are a company and production team of artists, designers, and dancers based in Northern and Southern California. We create 3-Dimensional dance works of art incorporating; lighting, multimedia, sound, costume, large scale props and set design. In addition to our own creative endeavors we design and customize dance works for any specific location, venue or event. We can morph, transform and convert any location, place or thing into the Fyber vision you hope to create. 

How We Work


The Fyber Vision continually creates new works inspired by the creative team. Fyber can be hired as a design team to create, educate, design and transform any space, person or thing. We are a multidisciplinary team that can work with a variety of concepts/elements. From creating a live powerpoint presentation, to working with chemists to visualize difficult chemistry concepts through dance, we also work with products, new artists, non-profits, charities and businesses, and bring each element to life through The Fyber Vision.

As a creative team we design dance works in collaboration with new artists, dancers, products and/or businesses.